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Learn Lash Mapping skills and How to Create a Customized look for each Client at one of our 1:1 customized workshops 

Private 1:1 Training


1 Day Mega Volume Private Training Class

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MEGA Volume
For Experienced Lash Artists
Receive in-depth, hands-on training personally from Master Lash Artist  and Founder of TheLashChick Diana Lytle.
Learn all Diana's secrets to creating beautiful, thick MEGA Volume lashes with her Signature Volumizing Feathering Technique.
This hands-on, 1:1 private or small group training class will teach you the important fundamentals to perfecting layering and creating the perfect structure for each of your clients' lashes through strategic lash mapping and taping techniques which will also help to improve your application time and obtain consistent structure.
 As a bonus, you will also learn about the history of eyelash extensions, the anatomy of the eye, the science behind cyanoacrylate adhesives and how to trouble shoot your adhesive concerns, business building skills to include branding your business, marketing your business and successfully implementing policy and procedures into your business to include contractual forms and consent forms for your business.
We proudly offer The Finest in Lash Artistry, with continued support for all our Lash Artists.
Your success is our success.
Classes are by request private, small group or at your location 

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