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Beautiful lashes are clean lashes!
Keep your beautiful lashes clean and healthy with TheLashChick oil-free, water-based cleanser in a handy travel case!
Directions: Dispense foaming Ch'ic Lash Cleanser onto cleansing brush.
Gently cleanse above the lash line in an upward motion and back and forth across the lid with our fluffy brush. Rinse brush, reapply Ch'ic Lash Cleanse, blot off excess.
Gently cleanse underneath the top lash line in an upward motion, removing makeup and debris at the base of the lashesFlush eyes with a saline solution if needed to relieve dry eye and re-balance moisture of eyes.
Rinse off brush, blot dry and allow to dry upright.
Tips for beautiful lashes: Avoid liquid & gel liners, organic solvents; these will dissolve the adhesive of your extensions. Cleanse daily or as needed to avoid irritation or debri build-up. DO NOT wear mascara on the extensions. Remove mascara from bottom lashes before going to sleep. DO NOT rub or pull on your extensions. DO NOT over brush. DO NOT sleep with your face buried in the pillow. DO NOT allow direct shower water to beat down on your extensions. Avoid extreme heat and steam. 


Kit includes: 4 oz  Ch'ic Lash Cleanse , microbrushes, silver lash brush, vegan cleansing brush 

Sold Individually or in a case of 10 

This is a great item to give to your first time lash clients or retail to your customers!


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