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Lash Artist Tip: It's all about the lash!

When applying eyelash extensions, it is very important to take into consideration your clients' natural eyelash shape, size, length of natural lashes, shape of natural lashes and of course your clients' daily activity level.
As a Lash Artist, you are just that, an artist creating a masterpiece. It is your job to create a beautiful unique lash line while keeping a natural appearance with the right length and diameter of extensions.
  • Length is important, after all, we are "extending" a clients natural lashes but, as we extend, make sure to keep in mind that applying an extension more than twice as long as a clients natural lash can cause undue stress on the follicle and lead to premature lash loss if the right weight of extensions are not used.
  • Always keep in mind the clients current job field and activity level. If you have a school teacher receiving extensions, it probably is not best to apply 16mm extensions on the natural lash, unless of course the client demands this (as some do).  This might look a little out of place at parent teacher conferences. :)
  • Curl plays a huge factor on the appearance and the longevity of your clients' lashes. If your client naturally has stick straight pointed down lashes, you would want to use a J curl lash, as this is more natural to the natural lash, and there will be less tension between the extension and the natural lash. If you choose to use a tighter curl such as a C or CC curl, use a lighter weight (.07/.10) on straight lashes and this will give you better results on longevity.
  •  Clients with naturally curly lashes do well with a tighter curl extension such as a  C or CC curl- these curls are wonderful for Volume lashing when using .05-.10.




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