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Adhesive Remover

Take it Off Adhesive Remover instantly loosens the adhesive bond to gently remove the extensions without causing damage to the natural lashes.


How To Use

  • Before application, Apply barrier cream to top and bottom lids such as a petroleum jelly to protect skin. 

  • Apply Under Eye Pads underneath bottom lashes.

  • Using 2 microswab brushes, apply 1 drop at a time of Take It Off Remover to each microswab and gently and slowly work from the middle of extensions towards the base of extensions working in small sections  (do not start at the bottom of the lash line to avoid excessive remover building up at the base of lashes which can lead to irritation) 

  • Always keep a water-filled bottle close by to rinse the eyes as needed if your client experiences and sensitivity while removing the lashes.
  • Rinse eyes with Ch'ic Lash Cleanserand warm water when finished with removal. Follow with a saline rinse of the eyes if your client experiences dry eyes.


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