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Meet TheLashChick CEO & Founder

Diane Lytle TheLashChick
Hi! I am Diane Wallace (previously known as  Diane Lytle). the  Founder of TheLashChick®.
I am an Entrepreneur, a Mom, a Grandma (still can't  believe this, ha!), a furr baby Mom to numerous dogs and horses, and Wife to an amazing man who is also my best friend.
TheLashChicK Brand was originally established in 2009 in Alaska.  In 2020, I relocated TheLashChick Corporate to beautiful South Texas. 
Over the last decade and a half, I have been quietly working behind the scenes, building TheLashChick   Brand name while raising 2 kids on my own and working 60+ hrs a week. I know what is like to be a small business owner and a mom. I can relate with so many of You. Hard work and determination while maintaining honesty, integrity, humility and helping others is what has made me whom I am today,  and I can say I am blessed, grateful and so appreciative of everyone in my life. 
If you ever have any questions or concerns in regard to lashes, please, reach out to me! 
Follow my lash life and blog on IG @thelashchick_texas to learn more about TheLashChick in Texas. Get a glimpse into the 'real' me! 

Since 2007, I have mastered the art of eyelash extensions and I have dedicated my career to the development of a product line which offers a safer application and The Finest in Lash Artistry®.

Quality and safety has always been a top priority.  My own sensitivities to adhesives led me on a mission to create a safer, healthier alternative to traditional eyelash extension adhesives which can be rather thick and irritating to some clients. I was intent on making sure my adhesive was American made in an ISO facility, low fume and preservative free; PRObond adhesive contains less carbon and less fumes for less chance of irritation without compromising a strong and durable bond. Proudly made in the USA in an ISO inspected facility to be formaldehyde-free, latex-free, ProBond can be used in both classic and volume lashing. 

Creating a luxury eyelash collection which would mimic the feel of the natural lash and still look unbelievably light and fluffy without excess weight was achieved with TheLashChick® Luxe Collection, an Award Winning mega lash product. This is the same product I use everyday on my own personal clients I lash with my Signature Feathered Volume lash style.                                               

Over the last decade and a half, I have Mastered Lash Artistry, written numerous editorials for many leading industry magazines such as DermaScope, Day Spa and EYElash to name a few, spoke at Trade Shows, Vlogs, and helped to establish rules and regulations towards our lash industry progression. TheLashChick® products have been featured both Nationally and Internationally in editorials such as EYElash Magazine, DermaScope, Day Spa and CosmoUK.

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For upcoming and experience Lash Artists interested in training with me and being certified in TheLashChick® technique, All Lash Artists are trained and certified personally by myself in a 1:1 instruction for intense hands-on training.  I offer private and small group (no more than 3) students classes. Continued on-going support is given to each Lash Artist to help them become successful in their new career as a certified Lash Artist with TheLashChick®. I take pride in teaching my students, and I am always available as needed, just a phone call or text away.

TheLashChick® is an advocate for safety and education within our industry and is a proud member of the American Eyelash Association, and the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations.

 If you would like information on training with TheLashChick®, please contact us

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