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Meet TheLashChick CEO & Founder

Diana Lytle, Master Lash Artist, Laser Technician and Clinical Esthetician with a Master's in Esthetics, is known as one of the best Lash Artists in the industry. Training with some of the most highly regarded instructors Nationally and Internationally, Diana has taken these skills and perfected her own feathered volumizing technique and a product line which only offers The Finest in Lash Artistry® professional eyelash extension products, supplies and training.

Quality and safety has always been a top priority.  Diana's own sensitivities to adhesives led her on a mission to create a safer, healthier alternative to traditional eyelash extension adhesives which can be rather thick and irritating to some clients. TheLashChick® is proud to offer an adhesive made for most all clients, especially those with sensitive eyes. Our ProBond adhesive contains less carbon and less fumes for less chance of irritation without compromising a strong and durable bond. Proudly made in the USA in an ISO inspected facility to be formaldehyde-free, latex-free, ProBond can be used in both classic and volume lashing. 

TheLashChick® silk eyelash extensions are triple silk blended, feather soft and virtually weightless. Available in a variety of lengths, weights and colors, Lash Artists are able to create an individualized look for each of their clients. 

Personally lashing  over 60 regular clients per week with over 15,000 lash applications to date, Diana has mastered the art of lashing, and is excited to offer her knowledge to licensed professionals through her customized training programs.

Working within the community,TheLashChick® helps to raise awareness to causes such as domestic violence with our Paint Me Purple Makeup and Fashion Event, Breast Cancer Awareness through our Annual Make Me Pink Fundraiser, and Pump Up The Kids Foster Teen Holiday Gift Program, and TheLashChick® has proudly earned the 2013 & 2014 Skin Care Award for our beautiful home town in Wasilla, Alaska. TheLashChick® has been featured in Eyelash Magazine and as a Cosmo UK 'Must Have'~ Check out our press page!

 All Lash Artists trained and certified with TheLashChick® receive intense hands-on training supervised by Diana herself.  Certification is given AFTER trainees apply eyelash extensions properly in TheLashChick® technique. Continued on-going support is given to each Lash Artist  to help them become successful in their new career as a certified Lash Artist with TheLashChick®. 

TheLashChick® is an advocate for safety and education within our industry and is a proud member of the American Eyelash Association, the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations, and NEESA the National Eyelash Extension Safety Association

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