TheLashChick® Certification

Training Certification with TheLashChick ® is limited to Licensed Professionals in the Beauty Industry or Licensed Medical Professionals

 A Professional License will be required before you may register for a class.

Classic Feathered Fundamental Certification

2 Day Beginner Class for New Lash Artists or Seasoned Lash Artists wanting to learn TheLashChick® Classic Feathered Lash Application.

This course will focus on the Classic Lash Application and  TheLashChick® Technique. You will learn and gain an in depth understanding of the necessary skills needed for a strong foundation in the art of eyelash extension application.

 TheLashChick® Classic Feathered Fundamental Certification course provides engaging theory, hands-on live model practice, and business building skills in a 1:1 private training to ensure that each student feels comfortable and confident in their new career choice.

Advance Volume Certification

1 & 2 Day Volume Classes for Beginner Volume and Advance Volume Lash Artists with at least 6 months lashing experience.

With at least 6 months lashing experience, Lash Artists can graduate to a more advance lash application technique. Volume Lashes will help you to create thicker, fuller, more dense lashes for your clients and double your income!

 This form of Lash Artistry uses ultra light-weight extensions to create fans which are applied safely to the natural lash without causing any undue stress to the natural lash line. These fans can double and quadruple your clients lash line for the ultimate fluff!

Learn multiple pick-up methods, Feathered Volume, Russian Volume and Mega Volume.

TheLashChick® WorkShops

1 Day Private, Small Group & Online Training Workshops with TheLashChick®  

Are you struggling with your lash placement or fan pick up?  Needing to learn a specific application technique? Learn how to trouble shoot concerns you may have without taking a full course.  Workshops offered...

  • lash mapping
  • lash placement
  • choosing the right lash length, curl and weight for your clients lashes
  • fan pickup
  • understanding cyanoacrylates
  • retention issues
  • after-care
  • customer service skills
  • business building skills
  • marketing skills
  • other workshops offered by request