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Long lasting extensions with TLC

Having issues with your clients extensions staying on? 
In regard to the lash longevity, NEVER use any weight above .15, tooooo heavy!  When working with clients who have straight or pointed down lashes you need to be using a J curl OR you can use a C curl as long as the weight is lighter (.07-.10). If you are going longer than TWICE the natural lash, you must use a  lighter weight extension.

Make sure to go over After-Care with your clients EVERY time they visit you...
1. No repetitive behavior on the extensions (ie: rubbing, touching, water beating on them in a shower, swimming, sleeping)
2. NO waterproof makeup or removers
3. Avoid glycol or carbomer based eye products- this will dissolve your lash adhesives...No liquid liners
4. ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO mascara! This clumps the extensions, breaks the bond, you can't wash this off without rubbing off your extensions, and this makes a huge mess when the client comes in for a fill....You need a clean lash to get a clean, long-lasting bond
5. Fills MUST be done every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness of your clients' extensions. Natural lashes grow daily, they get longer, and the extensions get longer while growing out with the natural lash. Grown out extensions should be removed and new extensions reapplied to the natural lash
MYTH: Many lash artsits tell their clients that their lashes will last 6-8 weeks.This is absolutely NOT true, and let's hope you are not one of the lash artists telling your clients this.  Define 'lasting 6-8 weeks'? Even though an adhesive can last up to 4+ weeks, does not mean your client should only return then. There won't be many extensions left at 4+ weeks, they will be sparse and grown out; flopping or twisting can occur, and this can damage the natural lashes....AND, you will be applying a full set again.

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