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Retention 101

Having issues with  your clients extensions not holding up?
There are many factors which can cause retention issues, however, most of the time, retention issues are caused by clients not properly caring for their extensions in between lash fills.
It is very important to go over after care with your client after each visit; this includes returning clients. We have found, it doesn't matter how long a client has been receiving eyelash extensions, they will usually forget the rules to properly taking care of their extensions.  You will hear, "Oh, I did not know I couldn't wear mascara" or "Oh, I did not know I couldn't wear liquid liner", and a favorite, "I always sleep on my face."
After care is key to the longevity of eyelash extensions
  • No sleeping on your face. Sleep on your back if possible. Place a pillow under your knees to support your back. If you sleep on your side, protect your eyelash extensions by placing your pillow away from your eyelashes or prop your hand between your face and your pillow to help avoid your extensions being smushed into the pillow. Remind clients when they sleep on their face, this created pillow lines and swelling of the eyes; hopefully, another detor from sleeping on their face.
  • No rubbing, twidlng, pullng or letting shower water beat down on the extensions. Constant repetitive movements on the extensions will loosen the bond and cause the extensions to pop off or can damage the follicle. The heavy weight of the water can cause the extensions to pop off as well. DO NOT brush the extensions when wet, allow to dry first.
  • Absolutely NO masacara, liquid liners, gel liners, or organic solvents such as oils, glycols or carbomers. These items will dissolve the cyanoacrylate adhesive and cause the extensions to pop off. These items will also cause a sticky, thick build up at the base of the extensions, clumping the extensions and natural lashes toghether which can lead to irritation of the eyes. It is hard to wash these items off the extensions without rubbing off your extensions.  If clients love to wear makeup, advise them to use a powder, and they can wet an angle brush and drag in through the poweder and along the lash line to get a thicker 'liquid' line look.
  • If clients wear mascara on the bottom lashes, they MUST remove this before they go to bed. No sleeping with your makeup on, especially mascara. This will build up into the upper lash lilne and cause the extensions to get a build up at the base of the lash line. This is also a very unhealthy habit to get in too.
  • Clients must cleanse their lash line daily with a gentle, water-based cleanser. We love our water-based, gentle cleanser and fluffy brush after care kit. Keep the lash line healthy for healthy lashes. Any build up along the lash line can inhibit proper cellular turnover; blocking the follicle from oxygen, a must for proper germinative cellular reproduction which can lead to lash loss or an over production of bacteria which can lead to infection, dry, irritated eyes or a demodex mite infection.
  • Avoid excessive heat and steam. Heat can singe the tips of the extensions. Allow heat to escape from the oven before sticking your head into the heat. Remind clients to avoid steamy showers as the steam will cause the exteions to straighten. Hair dryers are a big culprit to the wonderful singed tip of the extensions.
  • Return for fills regularly. Don't wait 4 weeks to obtain a fill. The natural lashes grow daily, and depending on how fast your clients' lashes grow will depend on how often they return for a fill. Fills are required every 2-3 weeks.


Other Retention Issues


  • Your clients' extensions are just 'popping off' while you are working on them or they lost more than normal and have not changed their habits...There is a possiblity your client has a protien build up or oils on thier natural lashes. Pretreat with a saline solution to prime the lashes before applying the extensions. The saline solution will strip off any oils, debri and protiens, allowing a healthy, tighter bond between cyanoacrylate and substrate (natural lash).
  • Your clients' natural lashes are very light and thin and it seems like the extensions are just popping off. Use a lighter extension such as .07 & .10 weights. If you use too heavy of an extension it can cause follicular damage. Always base your extension on the natural thickness of the lash. You will never use the same weight of extension throughout the entire lash line; just like you will not use the same length throughout the lash line. Always use the proper weight and length per each individual clients' natural lashes.

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Can I make my own saline solution…….i have a cleanser and a primer but I have been having such problems with popping off during the service. I thought maybe my primer was bad or the cleanser i am using is bad. Can I over clean them and strip them of oils?


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