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The Perfect Bond

What's in the bond?
The main ingredient in eyelash extension adhesives is cyanoacrylates.
 Cyanoacrylates are a family of strong, fast-acting adhesives with industrial, medical, and household uses.  Eyelash extension adhesives are made up of cyanoacrylates and known as medical grade adhesives; butyl, ester, methyl, octyl. This is also the sticky part of the adhesive.

A common characteristic of acrylates is that they become rigid and unyielding after they have dried. TheLashChick® has added a latex-free, rubberizing agent to its adhesives for extra durability and flexibility. Our ProBond Extreme adhesive is low-viscosity, dries in 2-3 seconds, and remains flexible in between fills for a softness like natural lashes.

TheLashChick® adhesives’ main ingredient is ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate.  It is a medical grade adhesive with added flexibility and contains no solvents that will cause heat to be produced during polymerization (this is most common with Methyl Cyanoacrylates). Polymerization occurs while it dries with the help of moisture in the air, when this happens, a small amount of fumes/vapors can emit. It is very important to not use too much adhesive while lashing, to keep proper ventilation circulating such as with a fan, and to use a humidifier to keep the air moist; this will help to eliminate any irritations your clients might experience.  Misting the lashes during and after application helps to speed up the curing/polymerization process and greatly reduces irritation. Read more about cyanoacrylate adhesives and working with the proper environment.

How Do Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Work?

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are actually polymer chains comprised of thousands of repeating units called monomers. Monomers, meaning one-part, represent exactly one repeating unit in the adhesive. Polymers, meaning many-parts, are long chains comprised entirely of monomers. Monomers bind together in polymer chains through a process called polymerization. The interaction of molecules is known as intermolecular bonding, this is the interaction of atoms within a molecule and includes covalent and polar covalent bonding. Secondary bonding includes the interaction of molecules which have a permanent moment and hydrogen bonding (an interaction that occurs when a hydrogen atom is bonded to an atom in a molecule). This process is known as a double bond.


In order for an adhesive to bond properly (polymerization), there must be an interaction between two; adhesive and substrate (natural lash and the extension).  Mechanical bonding is a way the adhesive bonds to the eyelash, filling in tiny cracks and grooves of keratin hair fibers, creating a polymerization.  The individual monomers fill into every microscopic crevice on each surface. The monomers then react with the moisture inherent in the object and solidify into the final polymer (cure); secondary bonding.

 Less adhesive = stronger bond

Fresh adhesive is a must for proper application!

Only use fresh adhesives, don't stock up, and order as needed.  TheLashChick® adhesives are manufactured formaldehyde-free with no preservatives. However, once cyanoacrylates are introduced to oxygen, they can start to develop low amounts of formaldehyde; this is a chemical reaction. Cyanoacrylates have only a 4-6 week lifespan once opened, and about 6 months unopened. It is crucial to make sure you replace your adhesives every 4-6 weeks to avoid any allergies or irritation with your clients. Always date your adhesives for expiration.

Cyanoacrylates LOVE moisture and are VERY temperamental!
Both will affect your adhesive and application process. Your humidity level should be between 30-50% for a quick drying process. If you notice your adhesive is taking longer to dry,  increase the humidity of the environment or mist water over the lashes (do not allow beading to occur for risk of polymerization). Your room temperature should be between 65-75 degrees, and always keep your room well ventilated with a fan or a window open. Seal and cure the adhesive with a fine mist of water about 8 inches from the face once your are done applying the lashes to the client. Doing this cures (polymerizes) the adhesive, this may also help to alleviate any irritation your clients may experience after application. We love our new Mist Ch'ic Nano Misters  DO NOT Refrigerate your adhesive, doing so will jeopardize the molecules within the product and can create polymerization.

Blooming (white powder finish) can also occur when the adhesive is applied too thick. Or there is too much moisture Learn more about blooming

A thinner application bonds faster and makes for a smoother finish.  Keep your work environment as stable as possible, heat and air conditioning dry out the air, humid air allows for faster drying. Never allow the adhesive to touch the skin, as this can cause a chemical burn and irritation.  

TIP: Having issues with retention? Prime the natural lashes with  a saline solution (use microswab brushes) before each lash application to remove and oils, debri and proteins which can inhibit a strong bond between natural lash and the extension.


Clean lashes are healthy lashes✨✨✨ It is so important to pre-clean your clients' lashes before each and every lash application for proper bonding and the health of the natural lashes as well. Dirty lashes are a breeding ground for irritation and infection ? Clean lashes will last longer since the follicle is not clogged with debris. ✨Use a gentle water-based cleanser to pre clean the lashes and remove build up from makeup, oils and sweat ? follow with a primer such as a SALINE WASH to remove any extra residue attached to the natural lashes for a squeaky clean application... Saline won't dry out the lashes like an alcohol based product can, ✨ remember, the natural hairs are porous and cyanoacrylates LOVE? moisture ? and news moisture to bond properly!!! If you dry out the natural lashes with alcohol products you will strip the moisture contained in the natural lash, and the adhesive will not bond properly. ? plus, alcohol can be irritating to the clients' eyes and skin. ✨we love this saline wash from Walgreens! It's affordable too. Dispense this saline wash into a pump bottle before using on a client (this Walgreens saline container emits a strong flow- don't use over clients eyes?) and then dispense a small amount into a clean container and use a round soft brush to cleanse the lashes ? clean lashes = happy lashes #cleanlashes #thelashchick #getsexylashes #lashtip


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