Lash Tip: DIRTY LASHES 🤢CLEAN YOUR - TheLashChickPro


This is an example of a client NOT cleaning her Lashes properly.
Notice the Makeup build up, bacteria, and clogged follicles 🤢 The picture says enough of how important it is to clean your Lashes daily to maintain the overall health of your lash line and the integrity of the extensions.
Daily build up creates a barrier which inhibits the follicle of growing a healthy Lash and can lead to eye infections not limited to itching, dry eyes, redness, and bacterial infections. This build up also breaks down the bond between extensions and natural lashes as the natural oils from your body and any Makeup dissolves the bond causing your extensions to pop off prematurely.
Your extensions will last longer if you keep your lashes clean, daily. We suggest using our gentle foaming Lash Ch’ic Lash Lash Cleanse to remove all traces of Makeup and oils without causing irritation to the eyes. Our Ch’ic Lash Lash Cleanse is full of Lash healthy ingredients such as biotin, panthenol, silk proteins and fruit extracts 🥒🌸a soothing, hydrating 💦experience for your eyes 👀Order Ch’ic Lash Lash Cleanse at . . . . .

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