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ISOLATION is key to success

Lash Tip: ISOLATION is key to safe and beautiful eyelash extensions
(watch video ) 🤢
This beautiful client had improperly applied Volume fans clumped and stuck to neighboring Lashes 😕 (Not our Work) Not only were they stuck together to neighboring Lashes, they were the wrong weight for her fragile natural lashes.
After taking these off, her natural lashes were broken and growing in kinked from the pressure of neighboring Lashes pulling ... each lash grows on its own lash cycle, therefore, one Lash might grow faster than its neighbor Lash, and when the lashes are stuck together, one pulls more than the other causing pain and discomfort and the neighboring Lash to grow kinked which can also eventually be pulled out prematurely. Follicular damage and excessive lash loss occurs with improper lash application.
It is so important to receive proper training in eyelash extension application, and if you are applying extensions like this to your clients lash line, please STOP and get further training or do not offer eyelash extensions anymore. Applications like this give all Lash Artists a bad rap, and the industry as a whole.
Be professional and safe with your clients at all times.

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