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Lash Tip: Mapping

It’s all about that Lash Mapping to get that perfect eye shape for your clients!
Maintain symmetry and structure best when you create a base line 'map' to follow. Take into consideration the brow arch in comparison to the iris of the eye , paying attention to not ‘drop’ the eye by placing too long of extensions on the outer corners and making sure to cover those inner corners... the corners are a must in making sure your set is completely complimenting to your clients’ eyes. Transitioning evenly in length from corner to corner will create a beautiful, natural, unified lash line.
Take before photos with clients' eyes open, and then closed. Make note of where the center of the iris in in comparison to the natural arch of the brow bone. Mark a dot on your eye pad showing the center of the eye.
If your client has a heavy lid or mono lid, most of your length will be in the center of the lash line to open up and 'lift' the eye.
Close set eyes, you will want to elongate and lengthen with extra length at brow arch and continuing to a taper at outer corners. Be careful too much length is not put on the outer corners causing the corners to drop and making the eyes look tired and droopy.
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