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Good grip is fundamental to picking up your extensions

Quality and perfect grip is so important in your tweezer selection

The most dreaded moment of volume lashing when your fan is perfect and it slides through your tweezers.  Nothing is more frustrating for a Lash Artist than faulty tweezers. Without a flush, smooth grip, you will not be able to pick up your fans without them slipping out or falling over, making your lash application a frustrating experience.
Rest assured, TheLashChick has taken the guess work out of choosing the best tweezers🙌🏻We personally go through our shipments of tweezers before we send them to you to make sure they are of the highest quality, have perfect grip, good tension in the handle and the finest points. Quality is at number 1 with TheLashChick, we are making sure when you purchase your PRO products from TheLashChick, they are the absolute best!

As you see in this video, these tweezers are all bad... too tight tension in the arm, not flush grips, gappy, bent tips 😥

(Bad tweezers video Watch Video)


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