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Volume vs Classic! What's the diffference?

Oh the amazing transformation of eyelash extensions! Customized for each individual client based upon their own natural lashes. Many factors play in the outcome of your lash extensions

For those confused on what style to choose or looking to upgrade your Lash addiction to the next level, we have broken down the deets for ya and have provided you with some amazing side by side comparisons of actual clients who went from Classic  to Volume

⭐️How thick your natural lashes are will play in the outcome of your lash extensions (Lashes naturally thin as we get older and then by some miracle transplant to our Chins for a plucking good time) 

⭐️How many natural lashes you have will determine the thickness of your lash extensions (the average human eye has 150-200 Lashes per eye)

⭐️If  you want a very natural look, choose CLASSIC (.10-.15 diameter extension placed 1:1 extensions per natural lash ) 


⭐️Want more thickness? Choose 3-4d Volume( .05-.07 diameter extensions made into fans and placed into each individual natural Lash) 

⭐️The thicker and bigger you like? Go for MEGA Volume ( .03 6-12d+ custom made fans placed on each individual natural lash for extra thick drama )

⭐️There are different variations of Volume: Feathered Volume- soft, fluffy layers with some spiked edges, thickness and length varies, shape varies. 

⭐️Russian Volume: Straight edged flush line, length is usually the same length as natural lashes if not shorter, thickness varies as well as shape.

⭐️Mega Volume: Extra dramatic, super thick, ultra lightweight extensions for super fluff, thickness varies depending on the natural lashes, shape varies. 

⭐️Keep in mind, no two individuals are the same, their eyes are not the same, their face is not the same, therefore, you WILL NOT have the identical look as a pic you desire, however, you can choose a style that you like best and with your trained Lash Artist, they will be able to create the best structure for your eye and shape face, we call this LASH MAPPING. 

⭐️LASH MAPPING: Creating the perfect structure for each clients face to best compliment their facial features. 

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