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Sensitive Tape

9 reviews
 TheLashChick sensitive tape is exclusively innovative to our brand.
Designed for use around the sensitive eye area, our sensitive tape goes on strong and comes off gently without pulling or tugging.
Use to protect the under eye area while you are applying eyelash extensions
Gently lift the lid and inner and outer corners 
can be applied onto the tips of extensions to gently lift back the lashes, exposing the under layers of the lashes for easy access


  • Always make sure the lid is closed so not to expose the eye to fumes from Adhesive 
  • Tape across eyelid to help with fluttering eyelids 
  • Tape from inner corner out towards brow arch to lift inner corner to getvtjosw pesky inner lashes
  • Tape from outer corner towards brownbone to lift outer corner
  • Tape from middle of eyelid at a angle towards end of brow to 'spread' and open up lash line for easier isolation 


Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 9 Reviews
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Sensitive tape

I love this tape! I use it when I’m taping back the lashes to get the bottom layers and it works amazing!

gentle tape

very good adhesion tape without pulling the skin. my sensitive clients love it

stays put and comes off easily

best tape that i have found!

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